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Boiler Making

Based in the heart of SOTECH INDUSTRIE, boiler-making requires excellence and experience.

SOTECH INDUSTRIE designs and manufactures medium and high pressure boilers of all varieties and complexities, as per customer specifications. SOTECH INDUSTRIE can work on different types of steel, including stainless steel, with thicknesses of 5 to 60mm in diameter, and length ranging from 4.5 m up to 40m. For exchangers, SOTECH INDUSTRIE can work on casing sizes between 10 - 60 mm.


  • Demonstrated experience in industrial boiler-making
  • Large plant capacity, superior material handling including lifting of jobs of large sizes and complexities
  • All major standards are represented: CODAP, ASME, AD 2000 MERKBLATT, RCC-M, Lloyds (ISO 9001-2008), EN 13445, etc.
  • Ability to handle multiple material types
  • Robust quality assurance processes, Safety and effectiveness of individuals, and Efficient workshops

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